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​NEW: Brush-on Resin Glue


NEW: Brush-on Resin Glue

We haven't been so excited about new arrivals in a while - a real nail charm glue that holds down nail charms like nobody's business! All the biggest nail charms will stay put even on natural nails with nail polish! Easy application with a brush and waterproof formula make it a staple of any nail artist's stash!

Were you anxious to add sparkle to your nails with nail charms, but couldn't make them stay? Then you definitely need this in your life, like yesterday!

Nail Art Ideas with OPI Sheer Tints

Hey everyone,I’m really excited to share my nail art ideas on how to put OPI Sheer Tints to good nail art use Nail Art Ideas with OPI Sheer TintsSome of you may look puzzled at these sheer nail polishes with just a hint of color and wonder what they are good for? Let’s take [...]

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