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News - Nail art

​NEW: High-end Nail Accessories


NEW: High-end Nail Accessories

Here comes an exciting new addition of a variety of Japanese-inspired nail art accessories to bring your nail game up to the next level! Complete with a variety of 100% authentic Swarovski crystals, very-hard-to-find nail studs, metal rhinestone frames, plenty of filigree shapes - so inspiring that the designs almost create themselves! A new arrival of more than 150 exciting new nail art items is now available at Phoenix Beauty Lounge! 

​NEW: Brush-on Resin Glue

NEW: Brush-on Resin GlueWe haven't been so excited about new arrivals in a while - a real nail charm glue that holds down nail charms like nobody's business! All the biggest nail charms will stay put even on natural nails with nail polish! Easy application with a brush and waterproof formula make it a staple of any [...]

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Bi-Weekly Nail Art Challenge with a Prize

Hey everyone, I'd like to make an announcement that we start a bi-weekly nail art challenge series on our Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Phoenix-Beauty-Lounge/117964461555617# We'd love to see your manicures and nail art inspired by a certain theme and give away a small prize to the winner chosen by yours truly :) Please post the photos of your beautiful [...]

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