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Mani of the week: Neon+Neutral


Mani of the week: Neon+Neutral

Hey everyone, this week i'm sporting a Neon+Neutral mani on my nails. A while ago i made myself a promise - to try something i've never done before on my nails ever so often, just for the sake of broadening my perspective. This week's mani has 3 features i've never tried before: 
1. Neon nail polish. Yes, seriously. First time.
2. Nail stud charms. Was dying to try, and finally i have.
3. Mix and match nails. Well, not totally, but all nails are somewhat different. Being a nail control freak myself, that was a tough one to overcome. But i'm surprised how much i enjoyed it! :) 


Neon+Neutral Mani

Now to the how-to's. I used my all-time fave neutral Essie Topless and Barefoot as a base color. Then (from the thumb forward) i used: 

to create an angular French tip (which was super-easy by the way). Then i used silver doughnut-shaped studs from our stud wheel and placed a matching color 2mm rhinestone in the centre to complete the look. I used nail art glue to hold them down. I finished it off with UV soak-off gel top coat, something i normally do with my nail art to get more wear. And that's it! 

These are fresh, happy and youthful nails that i really enjoy wearing! 

Hope you enjoyed the look and talk to you soon,