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Mani of the Week: "Flower Power"


Fimo Flower Slices and Essie Topless and Barefoot

I was slicing fimo canes a while ago and was left with a small pile of leftover bits and pieces (girls who slice fimos manually will know what i mean :)) I was looking at this pile deciding should i discard it or not when i came up with this idea of how to use them up: make them look intentional as layers peeking from underneath!

I started this design using my favorite nude polish as of late - Essie "Topless and Barefoot" as a base. Then i outlined the rough shape of my flower wreath with clear top coat and started placing fimo flower half-slices going from outside in. Then i finished off the design by positioning a few whole fimo flower slices along the middle part covering up any imperfections. Finally i added a top coat to seal the design and add some shine. 

Fimo slices are fairly flat, so they stay on good clear top coat, i never needed a glue to apply them. While top coat is still very wet, they may curl up a little bit, but once the top coat gets more tacky, it's very easy to press them down to help them take shape of your nail. I use tweezers to pick them and place on my nails and also to hold the fimo slice ends down for a few seconds until they relax into shape. 

This design is fun and very easy to create, it's very forgiving in application since you just improvise the flow of the design on the spot. Nothing too graphic where you need a super-steady artistic hand. The design balances out neutrals and brights which makes it more wearable for everyday and can look cute on both long and short nails. 

I hope you enjoyed this look and talk to you soon,